June 19 Writing Prompt

Today is the start of a good weekend. It has a lot of potential, many words can be written. Of course, that includes Father’s Day in North America and the official start of summer.

What better time of year to think about going outside and having adventures? And what better adventure than going on a treasure hunt?

Right. I couldn’t think of one either. So that is what we shall to for today’s writing prompt. Well, after a fashion.

Treasure hunts are one of the few things that brings wonder and excitement to almost everyone. But in order to have a treasure hunt, there has to be a treasure hidden.

Let's go on a treasure hunt!
Buried treasure you say? I’m all in!

So, we will work on the admin side of the treasure hunt and create our own.

Let’s take a look at the prompt.

June 19

Devise a place in your current story where you could bury a treasure. Write a short scene where the MC of your novel finds an old map, or a poem or some other clue-based item that sets them off on the hunt.

No one knows your world better than you, and if you are going to hide a treasure in your make-believe world, who better to go find it than your main character?

Start by figuring out where to bury the treasure and what that treasure is. It can be pirate treasure, or a simple locket. Whatever you want to hide for your MC to get excited about.

Then, think of a way to portray the hunt to your MC. do they find an old pirate map like in the Goonies? Maybe there is an old poem that falls out of a book that is cryptic and hints at a vast fortune.

Next, you want to do the actual map building. How does your MC find the treasure? What steps do they need to make? What clues need to be decoded?

Once you have your “map” complete, give it to your MC in a short scene and then write about their hunting trip. Do they find it? Were your clues too hard?

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