June 24 Writing Prompt

I don’t really like you. In fact, I am fairly confident that if I gave it a moment’s thought at all, I would hate you.

There are no redeeming qualities. Always coming around asking for help. Making sure everyone around you knows that you are so high and mighty, but you aren’t. A little keyboard warrior, yes? A telephone tough-guy.

I can hear your screechy little voice now, begging me to part with my knowledge to help you, of all people, become a better writer. As if I have the desire. What gall you must have.

Emotion. That is what today’s writing prompt is all about.

Emotions and words, two powerful forces

Whether you are writing anger, as the example above, or happiness, envy, rage, love, relief, contentment, surprise.. I could go on. Emotion is a huge catalyst for writing. Drawing your reader in, getting an emotional response and some sort of reaction, these are what we strive for.

You can imagine if you and I were walking down the street and I just turned to you and said those words from above, you would be quite taken aback, no? You would probably go through a few emotions yourself. Confusion at first and maybe even anger as the words kept spewing from my lips.

Eventually you may even land on depression, sadness, rage. You may run off, mad and confused, or you would become defensive and hurl angry words back at me.

All of that, from a few spoken (or written) words.

Words are powerful, if you know how to wield them. Let’s practice exactly that.

June 24

Pick up your phone or open your browser and select your chat program of preference. Select three contacts from your friend’s list and send them a message. One message will be happy, one angry and the third sad. Send a message and try to elicit those three emotions from the three contacts (one each) using only your words.

You can send whatever message you prefer and keep it going as long as you like (though I wouldn’t go very long as all three are powerful emotions).

Basically, you don’t want to let on what you are doing until you get a reaction. After the confusion, you are looking for that raw emotion. The fight or flight response.

Can you, using only words, make someone happy? another person sad and a third person angry, all at the same time?

You can, if you plan your words carefully. Just remember, you can use personal knowledge for this exercise, but try not to. You won’t know your readers when they open your book, so stay away from things you know, pretend that contact is a complete stranger for an added challenge.

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