June 26 Writing Prompt

As we are now in the weekend, it is time to have a little more fun and a little less learning.


You know me by now, and there is always some type of lesson here. So let’s get into it and figure out what I’ve hidden this time.

Because it is the weekend, and it is time to have fun while getting to work, I wont bore you with a long-winded explanation.

Instead, I will leave the prompt, let you work on it, and then see if you can find the hidden lesson for yourself.

June 26

You are walking down the sidewalk when a super villain (of your choice) appears and begins a fight with you. At that exact moment you realize you have one specific special power. However, this “superpower” is completely worthless. Name your villain, describe your worthless super power, then write a scene of how you win the fight.

What is your pointless superpower?

All I will tell you in this explanation section is that the super villain must be a real one. Real in the fact that it is one that you can find in a comic book. Lex Luthor, Skeletor, Thanos.. whatever. Other than the super villain and all of his (or her) powers, everything else is made up by you.

Got it? Off you go.

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