Mar. 03 Writing Prompt

We’ve talked all week about endings and how to shock your reader the right way.

Today, I want to shift gears just a bit and focus on another aspect of your readers. Namely, their emotions.

If your book is written well enough, you will find that your readers become emotionally involved either in the story itself, or (more commonly) in the characters.

Emotions are powerful things. If you tug on the right strings you can make your readers laugh, cry or even get so upset the throw the book at the wall.

The problem, though, is knowing when to do what. You aren’t going to get to sit with everyone that reads your book. Not everyone is going to supply feedback for your next one.

It is a guessing game of the highest caliber and you can win if you follow along.

Before I get into the do’s and don’ts of the process, let’s take a look at your writing task for today.

March 03

Create a list of everything that makes you laugh and cry.

Happiness and sadness are not the only two emotions out there. They are, though, two of the most powerful.

If you can make your readers laugh or cry, you will have them hooked, hanging on every word you wrote.

Emotional Journey
Take your readers on an emotional journey and they will follow you anywhere.

The trick to this, is knowing what makes you laugh and cry. Remember, we are writing for ourselves in 99% of the cases. This means to be emotionally charged, your writing needs to hit your emotions, too.

Now, if you can put away your man’s man attitude, make a list of everything that makes you cry, or potentially cry.

There are the obvious ones, such as loss of a loved one or being shot and stabbed. But dig deep and look into yourself. Physical and emotional pain is a good source, but you can cry happy, you can cry cause you’re afraid.

Write down as many things as you can think of that make the waterworks start to flow.

Then, do the same for the happy things.

You want to take your time on these lists. Not only will they make your brain work, but they will also give you insight into what you should be writing.

If it makes you cry, it is going to have a bigger impact on your reader. And while they may not actually cry with tears staining the pages of your book, they will be emotionally charged while reading.

When you recognize the items that make you happy and sad, and you then implement those items into your characters and story, you have a winner.

So, focus on the lists. They will give you a lot of fodder to add to your story. Then, post your lists in the comment section below!

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