Mar. 24 Writing Prompt

It’s hump day! And while I am still trying to figure out the correct connotation for that phrase, let us move on to a more writing-focused term.

The term I want to cover today is emotion. And yes, we have talked about emotion somewhat before. Today, though it is a different type of emotion.

As a writer, your emotion matters. And this may sound obvious, but it another small thing that gets overlooked.

Think about it for a moment, though. If it is a great day, you are having a wonderful time, maybe it is a birthday and all of the world is perfect. So, you decide to get back to your WiP for a bit and you have to write a murder scene. Do you think that scene will be as sinister and horrific as it needs to be?

Your emotion is pivotal when you are writing. Some writers put on music to get in a certain mood or write specific scenes when they feel a certain way. Do you?

Well, we are going to do it today. Let’s take a look at the prompt.

March 24

Write a scene where a lady is robbed of her purse, pushed into the street and almost hit by a car. When you have finished, turn on your favorite music streaming service and find some sad songs. After you have listened to several sad songs, write the same scene again.

I think you can see where I am going with this.

Sadness is one of the strongest and easiest emotions to put into your novels

Your mental state, emotional status and other factors in your personal life do affect how you write.

Since it is a bit late in the evening and this is a longer prompt, I won’t bore you with a longer drivel of explanation.

This prompt is for those that haven’t experienced the emotional swing of writing to see it happen first hand. And for those that have, it is a great opportunity to remember to get in the right mood or frame of mind when you are writing tougher scenes.

When you have finished, post both versions of your scene in the comment section below. Leave it up to the rest of us to see if we can tell which scene was written after listening to sad music.


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