May 02 Writing Prompt

As we continue the new month, we will continue with simple weekend writing prompts.

No big huge hidden lesson this time, again. We will save that for tomorrow. For now, how about we have a nice cozy little Sunday warm up, just to keep us active

I’ve decided to do one of those image prompts again, do you like those?

I’m going to give you a little twist, though, because…well…it’s me. And what fun would coming here every day to work on a daily writing prompt be if I didn’t throw you a curve ball?

So, instead of showing you the image in the writing prompt itself, let’s look at it now.

Here is your image:

The eyes have it
Look closely, it gets worse the longer you stare

Now, normally, I would just let you run with it, right? Say something like “come up with a scene about…” Not this time, my friends, not this time.

Let’s look at the prompt and see how the image plays a role.

May 02

Science has discovered that the small hairs on a common house fly reduce the effects of dementia. Write a small story explaining this breakthrough, how the hairs help and how they are harvested. However, your story must also maintain the lives of the fly, and explain how the hairs are to be administered to the patient.

Yeah! Score one for science!

Now, all you have to do is become a scientist. Remember the following key features for your story:

  • You cannot kill the flies to get their hairs
  • You must explain the scientific breakthrough that lead to this discovery
  • Your story must also explain how the hairs help fight dementia and how you collect them
  • You must explain how the fly hairs are given to the patient so they are most effective.

Think you can handle it?

Keep looking at the image if it helps (*small school-boy giggle*).

When you are done, you can post your story in the comment section below. I know that I, for one, would love to read about you harvesting fly hairs.


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