May 03 Writing Prompt

The first official work day in May this year, and we have work to do.

Your writing isn’t going to complete itself and those ideas in your head will stay there unless you do something.

So, today’s writing prompt is designed to get your ass moving.

With most of the world already off from their day jobs, it is time to get some food in your belly, coffee in your mug and words on paper.

Because of that, I won’t keep you long. No long-winded explanation this time. I’ll cover the basics and ideas and let you get to work.

Get to Work
It’s time to get to work. Your delays are over

So, let’s get on with it.

May 03

Read the last two paragraphs of your current WiP. Then, rewrite them. Twice. Pick the best one of the three options (original and 2 rewrites) and continue on with your chapter.

One of the biggest issues new authors face is constantly going back and reading what they’ve already written instead of just adding new words.

To help with that, we will read a tiny bit of the work, and then rewrite it.

This little process has a few benefits.

First, it allows you to satiate the desire to reread your work, but limits it so you don’t spend hours reading when you should be writing.

Second, it gives you something to write, that you already know. You can save your creative brain from going into panic mode.

Third, it allows you a slight edit chance, or the opportunity to redo something, even slightly.

Add all of that together and you are primed and ready to write new words, back in the flow and on your way.

So stop delaying, rewrite your paragraphs and then continue on with the work.

I won’t even ask you to post your new paragraphs in the comment section. Just get to work and ass pages to your project.

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