May 05 Writing Prompt

As we close out the middle of the week and start looking forward to the weekend, our writing prompts continue.

Most of the week, we have worked on getting things done. Doing work and making progress on our WiP.

Today, I want to switch it up just a bit. As you know, I am a proponent for not working hard, nor working every day. So, how can we maintain habits and still take breaks?

Well, the easiest method is right here. A simple exercise to keep you writing and thinking will prevent you from going stagnant and you can take a day off from your WiP if needed.

Daily writing prompts, poetry, drawing, reading and people watching for character development are all great ways to keep in the writing mood without actually writing your books.

Today, we will follow a fun little prompt that keeps you in the groove and allows you to take a break from writing too much.

May 05

Pick one of your characters from your book. Write an 8 to 12 line poem rhyming their name at the end of each line.

Depending on the character’s name, this can be easy or it can be a challenge. Some names may not have 8 or more rhyming words. You may have to get creative (shudder!)

Character rhyming
Meet Tyrone. He plays xylophone. When no one’s around he is quite alone.

In the end, though, you still get to think about your story, write a few words and keep your creativity alive.

After all, isn’t that the point of a writing prompt?

I would say you’re welcome, but you already know.

If you want to be extra thankful, simply share your poem in the comment section for everyone to enjoy!

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