May 08 Writing Prompt

Weekend fun-day! No, wait, that doesn’t work.

Well, whatever, it’s is the weekend and it is time to have fun!

Most of the week previous we have covered ways to stay busy and productive, even if we can’t work directly on our own stories and now it is the weekend.

Time to hunker down, brew your coffee or tea and get to work.

To get in the writing mode and our brains producing writing hormones (those are things, right?), let’s have a nice, simple and fun writing prompt for today, yes?

The goal today is to just practice a little and get in the writing mood.

With that, I thought a nice little image prompt would work best. So without further ado and fanfare, let’s see it.

May 08

Write a scene or two about the following image. Ensure you develop the scene enough to include at least two characters with a plot to move forward.

Rio shorline
Beautiful and stunning view. What could possibly go wrong?

Not that it matters, of course. But Rio de Janeiro is where this image is from.

In your story, it can be anywhere, or nowhere. Are you going to use the docks and boats? The beach? The high rise buildings?

You can put pen to paper and just start writing, seeing what comes and using the image as a prompt when needed. Or, you can study the picture and come up with a scene in your head first.

Whatever works best for you in this situation, that is what you go with.

The point is to get creative, move that brain muscle around and then when you are ready, switch to your WiP.

Here is to a great weekend of writing.

Make sure you come back tomorrow for another prompt so you can finish the weekend out strong!

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