May 15 Writing Prompt

Hooray! It is the weekend!

We had a tough week here on the writing prompt side of the blog. It was a lot of personal work on your own project without much extra creativity.

Let’s change that.

For the weekend, you need to focus on your own projects, make progress, and get closer to that publication goal.

So for the next two days we will work on boosting your creativity and getting you back to work.

Let’s get to the prompt, then, so you can feel the energy flow and get to work on your stuff.

May 15

There is a tiger cub, a panda cub, and a baby robin sitting in a vast white open space. Fill in the white space and create a tension filled drama for the little critters.

There it is. Nothing fancy, no hidden lesson.

Baby animals
Baby animals are cute. Make them pay for that cuteness.

All you get is creative practice. Once you are done, please post your story in the comment section because I really want to read them.

Once you have posted, get your ass back to work on your project so I can one day soon read that, too!

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