May 16 Writing Prompt

Oh no! The end of the weekend! Ahhhh!

One last push to get things done. One more day without the pressure of a time clock.

Once again we find outrselve looking for a need to be creative. That is what today’s writing prompt is all about.

We will focus on being insanely creative and getting those word-juices flowing. Even if that sounds a little gross, ignore it and move on.

Anyway, today’s writing prompt has a single goal in mind: get you excited about the writing process and eager to jump back into your project.

So, without further fanfare or ado, let’s take a look at the prompt.

May 16

Write a short story about a baked potato. Have two people arguing about the potato and end up losing it completely to a third character.

Wait. A story about a potato?

Potato tragedy
A story about a potato can be exciting, if you are talented enough. Right?

You bet your sweet ass we want a new story about a potato. And you are the one to write it!

So get out your writing prompt notebook and write me a story about a baked potato. If you are feeling proud of your baked potato story, post it in the comment section for us to all enjoy.

When you are done, get back to your WiP and make some significant progress in your own story.

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