Samantha Heuwagen and The Starless Series

One of our own does it again, folks!

Team member and winner of the coveted super best person in the universe award, Samantha Heuwagen has out done herself once again.

As you may know, the Starless Series is a tale of alien encounters, mental health awareness and sexual…tension, let’s call it.

The Atlanta based family and sex therapist is also an award winning author of the best selling Starless Series. Recently, the series has gone through a bit of an update.

Last week Samantha announced a new cover art for the series, after recently gaining the rights from a publisher. The new look is incredible!

She had teased a new look for the three books through her Facebook group and Instagram account (links at bottom of the blog). And once they were released she also hid a little surprise!

I was able to spot the surprise and I am going to pass it on to you, right here, today.

But first! Let’s take a look at the newly designed Starless Series!

Starless Series Book 1: Dawn Among the Stars

Dawn Among the Stars
The new look is uh-MAY-zing!

Dawn starts the saga following three main characters. And in Samantha’s own words:

The Reluctant Ambassador. Kayin Aves’s everyday life becomes complicated when the La’Mursians, an alien race focused on unity, comes out of hiding to build a diplomatic relationship with Humanity. After a second alien race attacks Earth unprovoked, Kayin finds herself both entangled in intergalactic politics and drawn to the Prince of Selucia with alluring lavender eyes. Now, Kayin has to fight for Earth’s future without letting her heart get in the way.

The Misguided Do-Gooder. Henry Rickner wishes he could take back all of his mistakes, including letting the love of his life go before the attack on Earth. Within the chaos of war, he tries to reunite with those he holds dear and atone for everything he’s done up until this point.

The Stubborn Survivor. Melissa Pebbles only has one goal: to keep her family alive during and after the attack. While she fights to keep her loved ones safe, Melissa learns that family is more than just blood. The first member of her expanded family unit? The mysterious La’Mursian who has decided to help Melissa and the Pebbles clan survive intergalactic war.

But, that’s not all. This book takes on a crazy pace and you find yourself ducking under your pillow for cover. And then, those infamous cliff hanger endings that make Mrs. Heuwagen chuckle like a school girl smack you in the face. In a good way of course.

Which leads to book two…

Starless Series Book 2: Fading Starlight

Starless Series book 2
Book two’s new cover is hypnotic, y’all.

Kayin Aves finds herself on Selucia with no word on whether or not she’ll be able to return to her beloved planet. With such uncertainty, her fears cause her to push away any La’Mursian that might help her fight for Earth. However, her inner strength gives her hope that she can put an end to this war.

When Beenishia set up a base camp for survivors, she knew it’d be a target–but she didn’t calculate the full cost. Because of this, Henry and Melissa realize that war is more than just gunfire and explosions. Psychological tactics threaten to tear the survivors a part and end the fragile bond forming between what’s left of the La’Mursians and Humans.

What ever will we do? I hate to be the one to tell you, but if you were expecting an ending that doesn’t leave you gasping, wanting more (and of course hanging over a cliff), you are in the wrong spot.

There is only one thing to do… Grab the latest release and keep reading! That’s right, Book 3!

Starless Series Book 3: Stardust Emerging

Starless Series book 3
Michigan is never going to be the same! GAHHHH what a cover!

Kayin has finally made it to the Galactic Court to plead Earth’s case in the fight against the Temorshians. Though her La’Mursian allies have been teaching her about galactic politics, Kayin’s not ready to admit that she may be in way over her head. As her feelings for the Prince of Selucia grow, so do Kayin’s doubts that she’s doing the right thing for her planet. 

Though Henry and Beenishia are still missing, Melissa and the other survivors have made it to Mackinac Island.  Over the last few months, the community has grown, and while they feel safe in their isolation, they all know they’re running out of time. A Temorshian attack is inevitable. Their only chance at survival is making contact with Selucia.

So it all comes down to this, right? Earth could be crushed or saved at the last minute. (Also, note that the villain here, Lord Krisus, was inspired by yours truly. Though I am not that evil, I am that handsome. But, I digress)

What Others are Saying

“I love the fact that the author addresses mental illness in a genre where that seems to be missing. She has done an excellent job of creating healthy relationships and was accurate in her portrayal of what it’s like to deal with chronic anxiety. “

Amazon Review

“The way the author subtly incorporates feminism, mental health, and equality issues is truly inspiring and speaks toward a better future.”

Amazon Review

“The author does a phenomenal job of highlighting mental health in a very real and authentic way and showing women empowerment and how women can save the world from an alien invasion with courage, strength, and compassion if you haven’t read the book you need to.”

Amazon Review

And then, dear readers, it happened. The book ended and Mrs. Heuwagen went a bit silent. Back to work helping families and couples in her day job at her therapy office.

Meanwhile, the rest of us just sit here. In stunned silence. Waiting. Hoping.

And then… She sent out a newletter.

The newsletter detailed the new covers (and of course I bought the books all over again).

But near the end of the letter, I noticed this tiny little link.

The link leads to a new page that Samantha never talked about. She didn’t mention it in any Facbook story, or Instagram post or even on Twitter.

But here is what we know, now!

Starless Series Book 4: In the Wake of Stars

Coming 2021

The final stand for Earth begins.

After the failure at the Galactic Court, Kayin and her friends are taking matters into their own hands and heading back to Earth. Even though she’s dreamed of her return home for months, Kayin struggles to hide her growing anxiety about the end of the war and her relationship with Prince Naluba. Just when things finally begin to align, a dark secret threatens to unravel everything she’s worked toward.

Melissa has been through a lot during the Temorshian occupation of Earth. From escaping the ruins of Detroit to finding some peace on Mackinac Island with fellow survivors, the last few months have helped her discover who she is and what she stands for. As the end of the war draws near, Melissa realizes it’s time to start thinking about the future and what her new role will be.

As secrets are revealed and the truth comes to light, it’s time for Kayin and Melissa to reclaim Earth and forge a new path for the future of the Galaxy and themselves.

In confronting her about this and demanding answers (I told you I was the bad guy). We have learned that the tentative release date is August 2nd, 2021.


The series is coming to a close, FINALLY!

And, there is more.

I did some more snooping. And I told you that I went and bought the new books right away. I have my copies. And inside, you will learn that Samantha is not done writing. There are more stories coming, and this will (most likely) include a Starless spin off!


It’s true! And I am here for it all.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab your copies with the new covers today!

Here are your links:

Samantha’s Site | Instagram | Facebook | Dawn Among the Stars | Fading Starlight | Stardust Emerging | In the Wake of Stars

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