Currently, I am working on several projects. One of them started last week in a flash and I am completely addicted. However, I can’t leave Tremble unfinished.

Tremble is in it’s 3rd draft and I am up to chapter 7. I have my edit notes from the previous draft and to be quite honest, I have put this off for several months.

32 months, to be exact. Yes, I am full aware that is almost 3 years. I have worked on the book, but this chapter is important. I’ve always felt it was the catalyst that would make this great story into a page burner.

To be frank though, I am not sure what has truly put me off of it so much. I have never had as many excuses in my life as I have for getting the 3rd version of this chapter down.


I suppose it is probably some deep longing, or missing connection. Maybe there is a childhood trauma that I am blocking out (no, not really). I just don’t know.

I need to sit down and just write the goddamn chapter, but I am a little scared. The single most important chapter of the book (at least to me) and here I sit, revamping the blog on this site just ot write anything BUT that chapter.

I can blame it on a lot of things, but let’s just be completely honest here… I don’t want to do it.

And now that that is out, I suppose I am out of excuses.

When all that is left is the truth, you have exhausted your capacity for bull shit.

Perhaps, then, I will try this again.

Bear with me. Or bare with me. Your choice.

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