When Characters Talk Back

When Characters Talk Back

You spend hours, days, even weeks creating characters to walk the lives you give them in the stories you create.

What happens when your characters talk back to you, though?

When Characters Talk
Do you think the characters know what they are doing when they speak to you?

Well, if you are like me you will most likely freak out. Just a tad. Maybe as much as screaming out loud. That was the first time though. I have gotten used to it after a time. You might get used to it, too.

Yes. I talk to my characters. I have admitted many times before that when I write a story I talk to my characters. Sometimes I apologize to them before I write a scene where they get hurt or die. I also calm them down after a scene of intense stress. I tell them where they are headed and why and I generally carry on one-sided conversations with them.

Every now and then, they talk back.

Am I Crazy? Probably

I know, I know. I am crazy. Insane probably. You can look at me like that, that’s fine. I understand you might not grasp the concept. Ever talked to God?

I don’t know if my characters can hear me, and I don’t know if they know if I can hear them. But I watch them run around my mind like some sim-city blockhead not knowing what to do next or why they are being attacked by that strange creature from the woods.

The communication only goes on in my head, as per the norm, but it helps me write. My characters do so much more than come to life for the reader, they are alive. You, as the reader, get the feeling you really know them, wouldn’t mind having a beer with them, or, if needed, running fast through the streets with sweat and snot dripping.

You Should Talk to Your Characters

If you don’t already talk to your characters, I suggest you start. Character development is not only the greatest thing a writer can do, but it also builds a relationship with the reader they won’t soon forget.

Just make sure you take the time to listen, as well. They may very well talk right back.

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